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Production Reporting & Accounting for Oil Companies

Productioneer by Mi4.com provides tools for the Petroleum Engineers, Technicians and oilfield personnel to record, view and analyze oilfield data.
Built on the Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.0, Productioneer uses the latest in programming tools and languages.

With Productioneer's customizeable chart and report modules, you can proactively analyze and track your data.

User-friendly and affordable, Productioneer is packed with features which our clients have come to rely on for their production management.

Product Features:

  • Data Collection: user friendly data entry or automated data gathering
  • Charts: create and save your own reusable chart templates, or open one of the built-in templates that come with Productioneer
  • Reports: Productioneer is shipped with a variety of built-in reports, you can choose from a list of hundreds of standard reports, or we can create custom reports for you and customize them with your company logo...
  • Allocations: We can custom build monthly allocation algorithms for each field or regulatory body. Existing templates include Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi...
  • Import Export: Productioneer comes with easy to use wizards and advanced interfaces for the experienced users to import and export data from and to several formats including Excel, XML, HTML, Word, PDF...
  • Automate tasks: Want to create several hundred Excel charts for you wells? Just tell Productioneer what to do and sit back while the automation engine creates everything for you.
  • Third Party Data Links: Productioneer can be linked to third party applications to exchange data and information. Productioneer's communication framework will allow your IT departments to create connectors, or you can leave it to our integration experts.
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